obsessed with how the Maytag commercials went from "this is the Maytag man, he fixes your washing machine" to "the Maytag man *is* your washing machine, he squats in the corner spinning laundry with his hands and scrombling up laundry soap"

a good trick if you can’t decide between two things: flip a coin. if you’re disappointed by the result, go with the other thing

Generally feeling the second half of this album way more than the first half, always wild to me when that happens but the result is that I'm gonna go on to the next

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Terrible idea 

Summoning the ghost of Roger Ebert to join laserdisc and start Russ Meyer discourse

I'm walking this statement back a couple steps, "Trainwreck" is a fucking great track

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@touk that's kind of where I'm at so far, nothing I've heard is like "ugh no thanks" but metal that I get into will generally have me headbanging at least a little bit in the first few tracks

@DMX I feel like out of sheer persistence I might listen to all of their first four because I'm a sucker for shit like "we did concept albums around the four classical elements," but if I can't get hooked somewhere in that process I will probably consider it sufficient immersion for the time being and come back way later whenever my brain's evolved or something

As per earlier posts I am trying Mastodon (the band) and if their first album is a good blueprint then I think this will take some work. It's talented shit obvs but it's way outside the realm of things my brain connects with

@infernusgoatus yeah for me the class politics didn't factor in so much during my upbringing but I feel like people constantly overlook that when they tell others "consume thing, go to thing, try this, try that." Like okay, with what money (and piracy is fine in a lot of contexts but there are plenty where you can't factor that in)

@infernusgoatus (the second component is building up a lifetime's worth of resentment toward any human or algorithm that extrapolates "oh wicche you like (x), so I *know* you'll like (y)," because even when it turns out they're right I still hate when anyone acts like they know my taste based on a set of reductive criteria)

@infernusgoatus I definitely think that's a big component of my similar problem. I don't like having to choose between masking my honest opinion vs. upsetting people by saying I didn't like the thing they like, so the solution is to simply not consume the hyped thing, or at least (if I think I might *actually* like it) to wait until no one's talking about it anymore.

@hex @infernusgoatus @Thomas @moviemorgz that's a fair point about the 90s (though I would point to the existence of the Special Edition releases, that's all I can really think of). It was always a moneymaking franchise, though; Lucas' artistic intentions did exist at the outset but he's been pretty clear he kept at it for $$$ and the amount of tie-in merchandise was unprecedented prior to New Hope's release. I agree that the Disney purchase made it exponentially worse.

@Louisa if your face has ever melted off, leaving only a skull behind [crowd, in unison] you might have opened the ark of the covenant

Y’all ever open The Arc of The Covenant?

@infernusgoatus @Thomas @hex @moviemorgz those particular movies happened to still be Good, Actually, in my biased opinion, but it doesn't change what they did to the cinema landscape

@infernusgoatus @Thomas @hex @moviemorgz Star Wars original trilogy is the true original offender if we're looking way back, the merchandise-marketing driven SFX extravaganza blockbuster model literally did not exist until that one

tldr I think I'm going down a couple preparatory musical rabbit holes today

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