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The first and last questions here

That’s it. Here’s our loot, because besides being showered in Ghostbux and snagging a thrown guitar pick, we obviously needed tour shirts and the chintziest rosaries imaginable

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Concert photos part four. Brand new(?) outfit for Papa during “Watcher in the Sky,” old outfit for the new “Call Me Little Sunshine,” and fucking sick new headgear for “Year Zero.”

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Concert photos part three. Since this was a second viewing I started to ease off on taking shots and just enjoy the show, but I still love what this new phone camera is capable of so here are some favorite bits from “Hunter’s Moon.”

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Concert photos part two. :ghostband: kicked things off right with “Kaisarion” and “Rats” like last time. Went straight into “Faith” after that.

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Concert photos part one. We were in the pit! Hope our N95s worked :awesome:

Here’s Mastodon, not necessarily in order because photo upload never works right

Showing up at Joe Biden's Delaware home to cancel credit card debt like

Birdsite screenshot (the tweet entered my awareness while I was over there for a professional thing) but I promise it's good 


When your two biggest TV interests combine it's not necessarily good

Googling "mastodon migration" and I guess we can all expect more of this?

Looking at track names for the Patman soundtrack and I just

Euro pol, bad update 

"It's about liberating the Donbas"
"Putin is anti-imperialist"

Meta (I guess), US pol, fediblock 

I... I can't make up anything better than this

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Holy SHIT this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

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