When your two biggest TV interests combine it's not necessarily good

Googling "mastodon migration" and I guess we can all expect more of this?

Looking at track names for the Patman soundtrack and I just

Euro pol, bad update 

"It's about liberating the Donbas"
"Putin is anti-imperialist"

Meta (I guess), US pol, fediblock 

I... I can't make up anything better than this

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Holy SHIT this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

Reminder that "fuck" isn't an acronym, it's way better than that

I don't know any other way to CW this besides "duck sexual assault" 

Really glad to know someone's illustrated the highly evolved anti-assault corkscrew vagina of many duck species in this level of virtuosic artistic detail

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I stepped onto :birdsite: for two seconds because of job hunting and this is the one good thing I can bring back

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