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Fine I'll do an since it'll have shit worth posting beyond my profile.

Dark greetings everyone ;( I've had several fedi iterations but is home. Here for music/media talk (, chill shitposting, chill people. Block-happy but accepting follow requests from people who don't seem creepy/fashy/tankie/too online (not that those are equally bad, I just don't want any). May follow you if something hooks me!

No pronouns.

:pentagram: :invcross: :antifa: :sabocat:

We’re uhhhhh seeing an AEW taping in July

what was i assigned at birth? unrealistic expectations

obsessed with how the Maytag commercials went from "this is the Maytag man, he fixes your washing machine" to "the Maytag man *is* your washing machine, he squats in the corner spinning laundry with his hands and scrombling up laundry soap"

a good trick if you can’t decide between two things: flip a coin. if you’re disappointed by the result, go with the other thing

Generally feeling the second half of this album way more than the first half, always wild to me when that happens but the result is that I'm gonna go on to the next

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Terrible idea 

Summoning the ghost of Roger Ebert to join laserdisc and start Russ Meyer discourse

I'm walking this statement back a couple steps, "Trainwreck" is a fucking great track

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As per earlier posts I am trying Mastodon (the band) and if their first album is a good blueprint then I think this will take some work. It's talented shit obvs but it's way outside the realm of things my brain connects with

@Louisa if your face has ever melted off, leaving only a skull behind [crowd, in unison] you might have opened the ark of the covenant

Y’all ever open The Arc of The Covenant?

tldr I think I'm going down a couple preparatory musical rabbit holes today

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The other opener is Spiritbox; they're relatively new and I knew exactly nothing about them until today, but it sounds like they're the kind of nu-metal influenced metalcore-prog-djent-whatever that is an increasingly big thing these days, and that I will either enjoy a surprising amount or not like at all

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I realize that on this website this is a funny thing to say

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Supporting acts include Mastodon so I guess it's finally time for me to try giving a shit about Mastodon

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Vibrating with uncontrolled power (monster energy drinbk)


Ghost's Imperatour is coming back to North America in late summer :cooldoge:

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