I've had to go into work throughout the entire pandemic because nobody's invented a way for me to fix computers from home, but I'll fight to the last breath for people whose jobs can be done easily from home to be given at least the choice to work from home.

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This pandemic has proven that forcing people to come to an office is fucking unnecessary. It's just one more way capitalism wants to take away from folks having leisure time.

@infernusgoatus I won't be able to go to the gym at lunch anymore or pick my kid up from school and because I work 45 mins away all of his extracurriculars now fall on #MyWife

@infernusgoatus literally it physically harms me by taking away my best opportunity to exercise in a safe environment (the gym is dead at lunchtime and crazy busy at 5am and 6pm)

@infernusgoatus IDK it destroys my work/life balance and the life I've grown used to for 2 whole years

@Thomas it's like they fought so hard to not close things down in the first place because they knew they've been fucking everyone over on work/life balance for decades and they knew once people got a taste of how it could be better, people wouldn't want to go back

@infernusgoatus all of a sudden I realize it takes me 4 hours to do my job not 8 and that the rest of the time I can enjoy my life

@infernusgoatus Thankfully my employer is sane but I have a team from 9 countries and there's one other Brit. I'm sure there are some companies who'd force me into an office even so.

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